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Dear ,
There is a massive intelligence eavesdropping network set up to monitor all global communications by telephone, email, fax or satellite. I wanted to share this information with you.

The following excerpts about this network, ECHELON, should help you understand what it is. Its existence is a gross infringement on our personal privacy and needs to be addressed on the world stage. We can not stand by as a group and watch our freedoms slowly eroded away.

October 21st, 2001 is "Jam Echelon Day". It is a movement designed to express our displeasure with this system of invasion by using the system against itself. You can play an important part. Please send this letter to everyone in your address book and urge them to do the same.

By mailing this letter to as many people as you can, you are doing your part to make your displeasure known.

Thank you for participating in "Jam Echelon Day". (And if you haven't already, please visit our web site at to learn more about ECHELON and what you can do to safeguard your privacy.)


______Please include the following in your letters______

From Wired Magazine
Echelon Furor Ends in a Whimper
By Steve Kettmann
3:00 p.m. July 3, 2001 PDT

STRASBOURG, France -- In the end, a year of hard work boils down to this: Echelon exists and the Europeans don't like it, but there isn't much they can do except wring their hands in impotent fury as the Americans continue spying on whomever they please.

The resolution approved Tuesday by a European Parliament committee set up to investigate the satellite-based surveillance system condemned Echelon's existence but, aside from agreeing to step up meaningful rhetorical pressure on the Americans, achieved very little.

From an ACLU press release dated 4/6/99
Inquiries by the European Parliament resulted in reports detailing the existence of ECHELON, which is led by the NSA in conjunction with its counterpart agencies in England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

According to the reports, ECHELON has communications receiving stations all over the world and attempts to capture all satellite, microwave, cellular and fiber-optic communications worldwide, including communications to and from North America.

Computers then sort through conversations, faxes and emails for searching for keywords. Communications that include keywords chosen by the intelligence agencies are transcribed and forwarded for further investigation.

"It appears that the NSA is engaged in a surveillance system of epic proportions," said Barry Steinhardt, Associate Director of the ACLU. "If these reports are true, ECHELON dwarfs the extensive surveillance of Americans already conducted by the FBI and other domestic law enforcement agencies."


Below is a list of 155 "trigger words" from our list of over 1700 on the web site, that are on the Echelon search list. Leaving this group of words attached will give the apparatus in place another meaningless piece of email to process. In this way you can signal your displeasure directly. Feel free to do this often.

The Artful Dodger, NAIA, SAPM, ASU, ASTS,National Information Infrastructure, InfoSec, SAO, Reno, Compsec, JICS, Computer Terrorism, Firewalls, Secure Internet Connections, RSP, ISS, JDF, Ermes, Passwords, NAAP, DefCon V, RSO, Hackers, Encryption, ASWS, CUN, CISU, CUSI, M.A.R.E., MARE, UFO, IFO, Pacini, Angela, Espionage, USDOJ, NSA, CIA, S/Key, SSL, FBI, Secret Service, USSS, Defcon, Military, White House, Undercover, NCCS, Mayfly, PGP, SALDV, PEM, resta, RSA, Perl-RSA, MSNBC, bet, AOL, Waihopai, CIS, CBOT, AIMSX, STARLAN, 3B2, BITNET, SAMU, COSMOS, DATTA, Furbys, E911, FCIC, HTCIA, IACIS, UT/RUS, JANET, ram, JICC, ReMOB, LEETAC, UTU, VNET, BRLO, SADCC, NSLEP, SACLANTCEN, FALN, 877, NAVELEXSYSSECENGCEN, BZ, CANSLO, CBNRC, CIDA, JAVA, rsta, Active X, Compsec 97, RENS, LLC, DERA, JIC, rip, rb, Wu, RDI, Mavricks, BIOL, Meta-hackers, ^?, SADT, Bugs Bunny, Tools, Corporate Security, Telex, Aldergrove, OTAN, monarchist, NMIC, NIOG, IDB, MID/KL, NADIS, NMI, SEIDM, BNC, CNCIS, STEEPLEBUSH, RG, BSS, DDIS, mixmaster, BCCI, BRGE, Europol,
SARL, Military Intelligence, JICA, Scully, recondo, Flame, Infowar...


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